Diane Quimper…

 is a Certified Firewalking Instructor and accomplished firewalker who has been leading firewalking workshops since 2009.  Her innovative programs take a fresh approach to laying the groundwork for success and empowerment in any industry. 


Her workshops offer a personal touch that helps inspire others to set new standards for success in their lives, both personally and professionally. Participants share in the rewarding experience as they see and feel the glow that follows an Empowerment Workshop. 


 Diane’s aim is to help inspire others to overcome their fears and set new, and higher, standards for success in their lives, both personally and professionally. 

Leadership & teaching


· Business & Professional Women’s Foundation State Conference, Featured Keynote Speaker.

· Networked with various organizations to enhance performance. 

· Sun Center Federal Credit Union Employee Appreciation Day, Key event speaker.

· Trinity High School, Girls Volleyball Team, Girls Empowerment Event speaker. 

· Coleader for events for Girl Power, to benefit at-risk youth in foster care through Lorain County Children’s Services

· Red Eagle Academy Blackbelt Graduation Firewalk

· Volunteer advocate for local middle school Free2Be club LGBT alliance

· Fundraising Firewalks for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Love-A-Stray Animal Rescue, & others  



“Diane is bright, articulate, personable and driven … she has set goals for herself and then systematically identified the tactics that would help her achieve them. She is passionate about her work … has exceptional leadership skills and is quickly identified by any group she is in as a leader. She has an inclusive, collaborative leadership style that engenders trust in the people around her. 

She never backs away from a challenge … I have yet to see Diane fail to achieve a goal she has articulated. She is able to leverage her skills and find the perfect opportunity to stretch herself personally and professionally … Her determination is a force.” – Heidi M.  


firewalking is potentially dangerous:

Never attempt to firewalk without the support and guidance of a Certified Firewalking Instructor.